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Crazy Minecraft Server

So there was this girl in minecraft I was playing with. She inspired me to draw her in a way I like (I cannot lie that an artist has to masturbate many times during the process to finish the work). Anyway the point is, I saw stupidity as an alien,

Hentai Heaven Community

It’s crazy but one day I woke up in hentai heaven, with an angel looking at me. But nothing came of it because Angel didn’t want anything to do with me asking for a video of herself… At all. She wanted her ass looked at. So off to the office

Taming Hot Minecraft Slimes

It’s not a secret that girls love being violated by slimes because slimes are HOT and SPICEY. You’re right, they really do that to you. But their intentions are to make you a better person. They swarm around her naked body like the savage slimes they are. The bite is so raw

BDSM Minecraft Server Java

The thing that I find appealing in BDSM is  that you get a good deal of autonomy. You’re not a slave, but in the event of a conflict, you can ask for the resources that you need without having to give in to the demands of the dominant party. My beloved

Hentai Roleplay Minecraft Server

Felicity pretends to be a slutty  low-class house maid in Minecraft so the other women can feel better about themselves. The world is generally a deeply misogynistic place, but if you are playing with in party with Felicity, you need to try and create the impression that women are the evil,

Minecraft Femcel Server

Some girls are shy by nature. If you’re not, do your best to be so. But also, have fun with it. Make sure you’re having fun, and that you’re being completely open to the possibility of getting engaged.

Minecraft Coronachan (COVID-19)

Corona chan can be frightening to many who have never experienced her effects in school. Being on the outs with Flu chan gives her a way to test whether or not you are man enough to take her on unprotected. We can’t explain why Corona chan goes about using dark methods to bully the opposite sex and spread slutty rumors about them.

Dark Souls Server of Minecraft

Dark souls is a very hard game for girls to play as it can get extremely rapey, much like most games that purport to be for girls. But somehow many women were still excited to play it, and have made it one of the most lucrative games of the last decade.

How to Tame a Pig in Minecraft

Pigs are violent creatures, she had to learn it the hard way. That picture of her with the pig is so full of life, to look at that picture and tell her they are only cute animals, I would think this girl didn’t even know who the pig was.