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Shark Hater Minecraft Server 2020

Nobody likes sharks they are icky to look at and of course if you bring one home its expensive to have someone who cares about them and will work hard to make it a happy, healthy, loved resident. That’s why it’s sometimes suggested that you build a shark tank out of trap doors or bamboo sticks in the backyard. The success rate is not good, but it’s a good motivation to learn how to live with them. I have seen my share of run ins with sharks, so I’ve witnessed it all.

United Angels – Girls Only Minecraft Server No Boys Allowed

Boys need to stay away from girls and girls need to remain away from boys. That kind of freedom and protective buffer for each other is just as important for women as it is for men. I’m sure this is true in all cultures, but certainly it is true more in western cultures than in some. Girls are not boys, and we need to ensure that girls learn this as early as possible. If we don’t teach girls to be sisters and not brothers, then we should be building them up to be one or the other.

Famous Catgirls Minecraft Server Edition

Despite what you may have thought, catgirl are really good at PvP and griefing in Minecraft. Most of the time catgirls are really nice and like when you treat them well. They ask for your help, always thinking you’re a friend and want to know what’s going on. Some have a

Minecraft Bee Update Server

Be careful around bees as they are not always nice and will attack you if you act a fool, or perhaps even just even look like a douchebag. They’re slow to adapt to new situations, have a bad attitude and will make you feel bad even if you’re not really a

Minecraft Server with Piglets

Some thought that pig girls can not be cute, but that’s so far away from the truth. That pig’s crotch area is too great to be called cute. The exterior of her body is slim, and the shape of her stomach is like a beautifully crafted flower. The curves at

Cyber Girls Minecraft Server

I love cybering with random girls on Minecraft servers, in fact it is one of my favorite past time activities. I even started taking classes on how to do that. It doesn’t hurt my feelings when they think its bad or awkward because it does not help them with their

Killing Villagers on Minecraft Server

Killing villagers in Minecraft brings me great pleasure. So I kill villagers in Minecraft. (Well, as much as I can kill them, because the game is so unforgiving; they will often get stuck and give me a few minutes. Then I die.) But not much kills me. I don’t kill

Minecraft Server for Female Incels

Most if not all incel girls have played Minewind or other Minecraft servers, and I’m sure most of them can relate to this. Minecraft has gotten so popular at schools and universities in many different countries that it sometimes fills classrooms just by itself, without even being mentioned in a

Anime Hentai Minecraft Server

I like anime, hentai and Minecraft because ive a strong desire for “I dont care what anyone else says” and my friends and I laugh every now and then but there is little that we will ever discuss with anyone because there is so much taboo and the only place we

Bad Omen Minecraft Server

When you have bad omen in Minecraft, pillagers come out of everywhere and basically destroy you. There are so many pillagers in Minecraft and I gotta be honest with you that at times it’s easy to fall prey to their ways of getting to people and they are so persistent that